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ready? Wait a minute! Christmas is over and you want me to think about holiday shopping in May? Yes, I do.


The arrival of the holiday season often sends unprepared people scrambling into debt. Though last minute shopping can often mean great deals, last minute planning can translate into months of paying off credit card balances and interest. When you're still paying in August those deals don't seem so great anymore.

So, I'm going to give you some advice that will not only save you money, but also make you look and feel really smart. Start saving now! You already know most of the people for whom you're planning to give a gift. Add them up, make a list, and start to save now!


Add it up! Give yourself a rough estimate, round up a bit, and there's your goal! Divide your total by 6, or however many months are left, and you'll have the amount to save per month. Then do it!

You need to try this holiday strategy once and you'll be hooked. Set the amount, set the activity of saving and you'll have just what you need in December!

The Credit Union can help you! We've got a Holiday Club account just for you! We can even set up an automatic transfer for your convenience. The entire balance will transfer to your checking account in November.