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Okay, you're about to, or already have, graduate from high school with a threefold dilemma. 1) You're so done with school 2) your transcript is…not so good 3) you have no idea what you'd like to do with the rest of your life.

Want to avoid the unsolicited advice that will follow the graduate with no declared plans? There's an option available to you that will stop them in their tracks! College. No, really. There are so many educational options out there that will allow you to maximize your time and effort.

Community Colleges will allow you to take courses at your own pace, usually have smaller classes and cost a fraction of a 4-year university. There are schools that offer courses in the evening and over the Internet for maximum flexibility. Make sure that these credits are transferable so that, if you choose to continue with a university, they will give you credit for that classes you've already completed.

Trade Schools are a great option if you have a passing interest in something. These schools have fairly short programs that will allow you to have a "real" job and take home a decent paycheck while you figure things out! Tuition can be reasonable and these schools often offer financial aid to those who qualify.

Try a summer internship! You will need to apply for an internship, but once accepted you have a unique opportunity to "try before you buy" an industry or vocation. You'll want to apply early, so check with your teachers and the career center advisor for a list. You may also require a recommendation, so give yourself enough time to get things done.

Do something! Don't just sit and let time go by, you can't get it back. Your dreams aren't going to find you, you've got to get out there and experience what life has to offer in order to figure it out.