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Buy now, later you can pay and pay and pay and pay…….


In this age of microwave cooking, digital imaging, and internet surfing Americans have been trained not to wait for anything. We’ve slowly phased out the art of patience, the savoring of sweet anticipation. We’ve come to cherish our “instant gratification” way of life as we would a precious gem. There is no disputing the convenience that the speed of technology affords us, but we pay a heavy price for our inability to simply wait. A price that can be calculated by adding together the millions of dollars in interest paid on credit card debt each year.

There was a time, before the “buy now pay later” generation, where people decided what they needed and then saved money in order to attain that goal. Yes, there is satisfaction in the ownership and use of property. However, imagine if in addition to the joy an object gave you, you’d also know the thrill of not only aspiring to but successfully reaching a goal you’d set for yourself!

Credit card debt is the most expensive debt there is. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of individuals taking up to 44 years to shed credit card debt while making minimum payments and paying thousands of dollars in interest. Perhaps it’s just an urban legend….right? Wrong.

The convenience of credit cards, when used with restraint, can make your life significantly easier. When used unwisely they can make your life harder than you’d ever imagined it could be. Credit is necessary. You’ll probably need to get a loan to buy a car, a home, maybe even a business. Wise use of a credit card can help you to establish a positive credit history, making it possible for you to obtain credit with favorable terms later.

If you’ve already attended the Independent Advantage program you know what I’m talking about. If you’re interested in detailed information on credit management, I invite you to sign up for the next Independent Advantage class.